Saturday, January 10, 2015

#51 - Crepes des Chefs de France

Category: Restaurants
Category Rank: 7

Park: Epcot
Park Rank: 8

We've talked quite a bit in our first 10 items on our list about snacks in Disney, so not much background needed here.  Snacks don't rank as high as our favorite restaurants in terms of nostalgic longing for WDW, but when you have set ones that you hit every trip, those are going to make your list as well.

That is definitely the case for the "Crepe Stand" in Epcot.  Its full name is Crepes des Chefs de France, from the restaurant around the walkway.  They have a simple menu featuring sugar, strawberry, or chocolate crepes.  They also have ice cream available, although the ice cream is extra and does not come with the snack credit.  For those that haven't had a crepe before, it is essentially a very flat/thin pancake, folded over several times into the shape of a triangle.

The Crepe Stand ranks highest on our list out of the different snack locations, meaning it is the most nostalgic out of the group.  This in spite of it being my least favorite out of the snacks (which is a bit like being the least favorite flavor of ice cream or your least favorite cruise destination).  What makes the crepes special?

Part of it is Epcot is a more special place.  It is the food capital of WDW, and as our representative snack in that place, crepes have a higher than normal level of nostalgia.  It also has been our place since the beginning, and like the carts in Magic Kingdom, the kiosk itself is quaint and the aroma is enticing.  Plus, they make the crepes right before your eyes.

Crepes, for us at least, also are a more unique food.  Ice cream cookie sandwiches can be recreated, as can fancy cupcakes.  Even the roasted almonds are a staple around the Christmas season.  Crepes for us are a little less present in our ordinary lives, making the experience even more unique.  So while the other snacks are great to eat and a special experience for us when we visit, crepes remain a special item for us all the time.

This is a good example of where people differ in their lists.  I estimate there will be about 20 items that everyone would have, and 20 more items that many people will have.  And then 20 items that are more unique to me and my family.  Many of you will have Dole Whip on your list, something we have not been that fond of.  Others will have the Mickey Bar or the Mickey Ice Cream Bar or the Butterfinger Bar (or whatever else there is).  Or even something simple like the Cotton Candy.  That's part of the magic... WDW is so big, there are many different corners of it for every taste.

That concludes our first 10.  We start off our second ten with our first seasonal event... one that really racks up the electric bill for the Disney Corporation.

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