Friday, January 9, 2015

#29 - Club Cool

Category: Restaurants
Category Rank: 4

Park: Epcot
Park Rank: 5

Our next item is, once again, stretching our "restaurant" category.  It is almost like we aren't going to take any actual restaurants in this list.

Club Cool is not much of a restaurant, as they don't have any food to sell.  What they do have is free samples of soda throughout the world.  That, and a ton of Coca Cola paraphernalia for sale.

You basically help yourself to as many dixie cups as you would like, and then have at it.  There will be up to 8 sodas total to try, although recently they have been down a soda or two.  Here is their current lineup:

• Fanta Pineapple (Greece)
• Fanta Melon Frosty (Thailand)
• Vegitabeta (Japan) - Apricot and Passion Fruit flavored vitamin drink
• Bibo (South Africa) - Kiwi Mango drink
• Sparberry (Zimbabwe) - Raspberry Creme Soda
• Inca Cola (Peru) - Sweet cola, like bubble-gum
• Guarana Kuat (Brazil) - "Guarana" berry
• Beverly (Italy) - Greatest drink on Earth

The drinks have gotten a little wilder over the years; the original batch included some pretty mild tasty drinks from Mexico, Germany, China, and Israel.

Of course, Beverly is the drink that Club Cool is known for.  Beverly is a very bitter drink, not one you would normally think of as refreshing.  For our family, we always take the Beverly Challenge, drinking a full dixie cup for some incentive.

Needless to say, this item will fall into that "nostalgic to us" category more so than "nostalgic for everyone".  We put it slightly above Ghirardelli given that there are a few more options, and its proximity to an actual park.

This ends this mid-level "squishy" area of hard-to-rank items.  We will now hit some more traditional items that will be on most people's lists, including the next six from Magic Kingdom.  Our next item is a dark slow ride, an original attraction from the park's opening, but one that has become much more popular with the release of a popular movie series... the rare situation where the ride came before the movie.

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